New Jersey Investigating NRA-Sponsored Carry Guard Insurance


The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance is investigating the marketing and sale in New Jersey of insurance sponsored by the National Rifle Association for potential violations of state insurance laws.

The Department is examining Overland Park, Kansas-based Lockton Affinity LLC as the insurance broker for potential violations related to the marketing and sale of NRA-sponsored insurance under the “Carry Guard Program.” It is also examining Chicago-based Illinois Union, a member of the Chubb group, for potential violations in its role as the underwriter of the insurance product.
“The Lockton Affinity has received an inquiry from the state of New Jersey,” the e-mail statement to the company’s spokesman insurance news agency said. “We are serious about compatibility issues and we will work with government regulators to get rid of the worries. Lockton is in a business world of over 50 years and our commitment to regulatory compliance and our commitment to doing the best for our customers is shaky. “

The NRA Carry Guard Insurance Program is recognized as a personal firearm liability insurance for persons who are not legally carrying firearms and their families, including personal liability insurance, such as protection against legal liability, defense against civil and criminal legal proceedings and the right to immediate access . advocate advice. In addition to other charges, including coverage for bail and additional charges required for criminal defense, it also falls within the scope of offenses.

Marlene Caride, a member of the Banking and Insurance Commission, said in a press release issued by the Ministry, “The New Jersey law requires residents in the state to sell to state-owned insurance companies.” “The Department oversaw the findings of the New York Financial Services Department in marketing and selling the Carry Guard insurance in New York, examining the marketing and sales of this product in New Jersey, how much and how much it violated state insurance”

Indeed, the New York Insurance Services Department (DFS) and its subsidiary Illinois Union Insurance Company was fined $ 1.3 million to sign the National Rifle Association (NRA) Carry Guard insurance program, which violates New York insurance. As reported by the insurance news, the law.

With a confirmation order with the DFS on the Carry Guard program, Chubb accepted some violations of the New York law that regulates the sale of policies in the state’s surplus market, according to a Chubb report previously emailed.

According to the report, “Chubb acknowledges his responsibility to ensure that his policies comply with the New York law. “Chubb was always meant and believed that his coverage was in full compliance with New York law. Chubb believes that this deal is the best way to solve the coverage questions brought in by the department and is entirely committed to cooperating with the department to address any concerns or worries about the Carry Guard program. ”
The Chubb solution has reported that insurance news will be filed in May for a $ 7 million monetary penalty to manage the Carry Guard program, through insurance contracting agent Lockton Affiliate Lockhart Affinity, a licensed redundancy commissioner in New York. The deal with Lockton was first acknowledged in a broad-based investigation of New York’s regulators.

Findings from the New York Carry Guard investigation were actively marketed and requested by a website, e-mail and direct mail for the NRA’s “Carry Guard” program, which does not have a license to insure NYDFS in New York. Among other channels.

“Previously, as the NRA stated, it always acted appropriately,” says William A. Brewer III, a partner of Brewer, Advocates and Consultants, and a former lawyer for the NUB, . “The NRA was reliant on Lockton and Carry Guard to ensure that his program was in compliance with all applicable state regulations.”

In a modified version of a federal case filed in May, Virginia-based NRA announced that New York lost coverage after sanctions against companies that supported Carry Guard. Cuomo said that the administration has convinced other insurance companies to avoid doing business with the NRA. Cuomo said the state was taking action to reject the case.

The NRA is not licensed to sell insurance in New Jersey. A preliminary investigation by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance found that Lockton sold and sold Carry Guard insurances (certifications) to New Jersey residents, and that coverage remained in force in the state. The ministry has contacted both Lockton and the Illinois Union.

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance also investigates the marketing and sale of insurance programs related to other firearms in New Jersey for possible violations of state insurance laws.

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