New ISO Personal Property Product Targets Millennials, Empty Nesters


ISO, a Verisk business, has launched a new personal inland marine product designed to help insurers meet the personal property coverage needs of millennials and other consumers who may not stay in one place for long.

The new Your Belongings product enables insurers to offer coverage on personal possessions for policyholders while anywhere in the world. The coverage is designed for growing segments of the population, from millennials to empty nesters, who are living more mobile lifestyles and don’t feel they need traditional homeowners or renters insurance.
. There is a need for new solutions for today’s customers who have a less traditional way of life and do not reduce it, ere said Doug Caccese, president of ISO Personal Lines. . But these customers still need coverage for items traveling with them, including clothing, jewelry and personal electronics. “

This product follows the adoption of personal property approval for ISO’s personal car policies. This ensures that drivers do not belong to the landlord or tenant insurance. Includes long-term policy language and flexible collateral limits to which you belong. ISO has opened up new coverage for most states and will continue throughout the rest of 2018.

ISO provides tools and analyzes for the property / accident insurance industry. ISO products and services help insurers take on and price risks under the range of commercial risks and personal insurances.

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