New 2014 Mazda6 Euro NCAP tests passed with 5 stars


The new 2018 Mazda6 received five stars from Euro NCAP in the final tests. The car was the first Mazda model to receive this grade in tests according to the new 2018 Euro NCAP criteria.
The key to the success of the new Mazda6 was the light SKACTIV kaporta architecture, which absorbed the impact and further expanded i-ACTIVSENSE security technologies. Security technologies help drivers detect potential risks and avoid hazards or injuries. Pedestrians are also better protected.

Tests include four categories of adult passengers, Children’s passengers, pedestrian safety and Safety Assistant. In three of the four new Mazda6 categories, it surpasses the success of its predecessor, who entered tests in 2013.

The new Mazda6 achieved 95% success in the adult passenger category. In the child passenger category, the new model showed 91% success with a 14% increase compared to the previous generation. In front and side impact protection, the car received a maximum score. In the Pedestrian Protection category, Mazda6 achieved 66% as in the previous generation. In the safety assistant category, the success of the new model was 73%.

Features such as Mazda cruise control (MRCC), adaptive LED headlights (ALH), intelligent cruise assist (Isa), 360° view monitor further enhance the safety of the car. Active hood design has also improved pedestrian protection.
Outstanding driving dynamics are one of the features that contribute to the success of the new Mazda6’S five-star Euro NCAP.

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