Missouri Brewing Company Wins Trademark Lawsuit Brought by Maine Brewer


A judge ruled in favor of a Missouri-based brewery in a case where the company copied the name and claimed that a Maine-based brewery could design signature exports.

According to Columbia Missourian, the US District Court, Nanette Laughrey, decided on June 25 to favor the Logboat Brewing Co. in Columbia.

Shipyard Brewing Co. sued Logboat’s Shiphead Ginger Wheat in Missouri last year. Shipyard blamed Logboat for choosing the name Beerboat, and might design to deceive consumers thinking they have bought Shipyard’s beer, which has names such as Pumpkinhead and Melonhead.

The case alleged that the words “ship” and “head” were related to the Shipyard brand, but Laughrey said that these were the general wording. He also said that the shipyard was a well-known word in the English language and that the “ship head” was built.

“There is no evidence that Logboat plans to use Shiphead Ginger Wheat as a shipyard beer, and there is no evidence that it is a real mess,” Laughrey said.

The name “head of the ship” was made in order to make it look like a ship built by a friend of Logboat’s founders, out of a picture of a woman in 2003. The picture is inspired by the name and the name used in the Ship Regulations.

In a statement on Logboat’s website, “It’s likely that the registration process will cause confusion with the trademark of any other party.

The shipyard brought a slander claim to the lawsuit last year after Columbia residents’ breweries posted negative comments on the social media page. Laughrey rejected the claims in December, saying claims were protected by the First Amendment.

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