Michigan Man Sentenced to Prison for Staged Auto Crash Fraud Scheme


A Michigan man who pled guilty to participating in a multi-state staged auto accident/insurance fraud scheme has been sentenced to prison, according to the United States Attorney’s Office.

Marvin David Ramirez, 45, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was sentenced to 37 months in prison by United States District Judge Paul L. Maloney. He pled guilty in June of this year to conspiracy to commit mail fraud related to a staged automobile accident ring that operated at Primary Rehab Center in Wyoming.
The court also ordered Ramirez to pay a refund of $ 298.992.29 to the auto insurance companies he defrauded.

According to US Attorney Andrew Byerly Birge, um Ramirez and his cohorts have implemented a complex plan in our society for many years. D The justified punishment imposed by the court reflects the leadership role played by Ramirez and the fact that this fraud has greatly benefited at the expense of the auto insurance system in Michigan. “

Progressive automobile accident ring was operated in the Primary Rehabilitation Center from December 2011 to May 2014.

Federal prosecutors said the public brought the public to collect automobile accidents and receive police reports, and that the money was paid and insurance companies could be requested for insurance compensation with automobile insurance companies.

The managers of the clinics and others working with them told the participants of the accident what symptoms they should offer to the public physicians to write a prescription for physical therapy. The accident participants then looked for unnecessary therapy in the clinics.

Typically, after several therapy sessions, accident participants signed empty treatment treatment forms signed by massage therapists.
Therapy clinics have used treatment forms to send false insurance claims by mail to the USA from automobile insurance companies for treatment treatment that is not necessary or actually not available.

The clinic has invoiced more than $ 1,000,000 for automobile insurers and was fined over $ 600,000.

The three others were convicted and sentenced in connection with an auto-accident insurance fraud staged at the Primary Rehabilitation Center:

Maria Del Carmen Ramirez-Rodriguez, 64, Wyoming, Michigan, Part of Primary Rehabilitation (40 months in prison)
Alder Hernandez, 45, Tampa, Florida, part of Primary Rehabilitation (37 months imprisonment)
Osvaldo Rivas-Martinez, 46, Port Richey, Florida, Patient-employer for Primary Rehabilitation (3-year trial)
Marvin Ramirez’s government has completed a multi-year prosecution in West Michigan, which is engaged in defrauding insurance companies in Michigan. He was previously convicted in three other clinics for his roles in Revive Therapy, Renue Therapy and H & H Rehab:

The partial owner of Revive Therapy and Renue Therapy (135 months in prison), Belkis Soca-Fernandez, 58, Tampa, Florida
David Sosa-Baladron, owner of Revive Therapy and Renue Therapy (120 months in prison), 43, Tampa, Florida
Antonio Ramon Martinez-Lopez, 35, Director of Revive Therapy in Tampa, Florida (87 months in prison)
Gustavo Acuna-Rosa, 30, Director of Renes Therapy, Versailles, Kentucky (32 months in prison)
Yoisler Herrera-Enriquez, 31, Wyoming, Michigan, executive and massage therapist H & H Rehab (57 months in prison)
Eduardo Pardo-Oiz, 35, Nashville, Tennessee, soldier and accident participant (2 months in prison)
Dolis Rojas-Lopez, 31, Wyoming, Michigan, colleague and accident participant (3-year trial period)
Yosvany Gonzalez-Duran, 42, Lansing, Michigan, colleague and accident participant (1 year probation)
In Great Rapids, Michigan, the Bureau of Homeland Security, Domestic Security Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, conducted investigations of the case. The United States Attorney General’s Deputy Ronald M. Stella and Timothy VerHey discussed the prosecution.

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