Mercedes E-series All-Terrain updating


The 2020 Mercedes E-series, which appeared in spy photos last month, began testing on roads open to traffic.
It is surprising to see the 2020 E-Series prototype so early, as the fifth generation was launched in 2016. The style changes in the updated model were equally surprising. The 2020 E-Series station prototype features important updates on the front and rear.

Now Mercedes is making the same updates for the E-series All-Terrain. The model appeared in Europe in January 2017. This means that the company has only updated a two-year-old model.

The updated E-series will be released in 2019. As with the standard E-Series station, the All-Terrain will also come with new headlights and rear lights, as well as the new front shutters and a redesigned front bumper. These changes are expected to align the E-Series with the new Sensual Purity design language.

For example, the signature of daytime driving lights and the front shutters are reminiscent of the new CLS four-door coupe model. The front bumper is carefully concealed from the curious eyes. This part is expected to come with an aggressive design.

In addition to these updates shared with all models in the series, The All-Terrain has features such as plastic plating, protective plates and more ride height.

It is early to learn technical updates, but Mercedes is expected to bring the car to the same level as the latest products. The new E-series will have the brand’s latest power transmission mechanisms, security technologies and multimedia software.

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