Massachusetts Judge Says More Details in Purdue Pharma Case Must Be Released


A massachusetts judge says greater details contained in a lawsuit that accuses the maker of oxycontin of deceiving sufferers and medical doctors approximately the dangers of opioids should be made public.

Suffolk superior court docket judge janet sanders sided monday with massachusetts attorney preferred maura healey and media stores, which argued the total complaint against purdue pharma ought to be released.
Healey’s lawsuit accuses purdue pharma of fueling the opioid crisis by using hiding the dangers of the drug from medical doctors and sufferers.

Purdue pharma argued that redacted portions of healey’s lawsuit must stay secret. The decide said handiest one paragraph containing medical information can remain redacted.

She said the new version ought to be made public by midday on friday.

A purdue spokesman stated it plans to are seeking a live of the choose’s ruling, pending appeal.

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