Lockton Affinity to Administer Westport Lawyer PL Program in Pennsylvania


Lockton affinity may be the brand new program administrator for the westport/swiss re’s attorney professional liability coverage in pennsylvania, effective june 1, 2019.

This application offers a comprehensive professional liability product for lawyers through westport with program administration from lockton affinity.
Functions of the westport and lockton affinity lawyer insurance software encompass:

Competitive pricing
Loose cle credits
Vehicle renewal
Quick packages
Claims processing thru in-residence certified legal professionals
Unfastened extended reporting length available for retiring legal professionals
Pennsylvania lawyers in search of renewal or more information, or insurance retailers/brokers trying to area regulation companies in the software must touch lockton affinity legal professional application manager, nathan borghardt, at (913) 652-7674 or [email protected]

Lockton affinity, an affiliate of lockton businesses, turned into formed in 1987 and gives insurance for affinity companies, non-earnings, institutions and franchises. Lockton serves an array of industries ranging from small commercial enterprise, economic establishments and franchise corporations to fraternal companies and common-purpose corporations, operating as a program administrator.

Westport insurance enterprise, now swiss re corporate solutions, underwrites lockton affinity lawyer’s professional legal responsibility merchandise for california, kansas, missouri, pennsylvania and texas. Swiss re is the sector’s second-biggest reinsurer, with places of work in greater than 25 countries.

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