Lego Wins New Intellectual Property Lawsuit in China


Lego A/S has won a new intellectual property lawsuit in China after a court agreed with the Danish toy manufacturer that local companies had copied its building blocks and miniature figures under the LEPIN brand.

The Guangzhou Yuexiu District Court ruled that the four defendants should immediately cease the production, sale and promotion of the toys and pay about 4.5 million yuan ($650,000) in damages, Lego said in an emailed statement sent Monday.
Europe’s largest toy manufacturer, with the awareness that the courts are used to protect multicolored building blocks, guaranteed last year’s two major legal victories in China. First, the Beijing Supreme Court took a decision recognizing the Lego logo and the Chinese name as the country’s u well-known İlk brands. Later, Lego won the first Chinese copyright cases when he defeated the producers of Bela products.

Lech CEO Niels B. Christiansen said LEPIN’s decisions “clearly show the Chinese authorities’ efforts to protect their intellectual property rights”. ”We will continue to take all necessary legal measures to protect our intellectual property rights.“

Lego identified the Shantou Meizhi Model Co among only four defendants.

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