Lawsuit Filed Against Operators of Limo in Fatal New York Crash


The operators of a limousine that crashed and killed 20 people in upstate New York were grossly negligent in putting the “dangerous and defective” vehicle on the road, according to a lawsuit filed by one of the victim’s parents.

Amanda Rivenburg, 29, was among 18 people in the limousine that barreled through a stop sign at the bottom of a hill and crashed into a ravine in rural Schoharie, N.Y., on Oct. 6. Two pedestrians also were killed.
In the first trial since the tragedy, Prestige limousine service owner Shahed Hussain and his son Nauman Hussain are being sought for damages not mentioned in the state court.

Nauman Hussain claimed that he was not guilty as a criminal offense for a negligent murder. State police say Shahed Hussain is in Pakistan.

The case claims that limousine operators keep it on track after checking for brake issues and other issues. According to the case, a windshield sticker placed in the limo was removed from the crash by state transport authorities who accepted the ası unkempt cam vehicle.

The case is based on göz the abuse and unintentional misconduct of the defendants, and their complete indifference, and their consciously ignoring the health and safety of users Dava.

A lawyer representing Hussains said he had not commented on the pending case.

Rivenburg lived in the Albany area and worked for a non-governmental organization that helped people with disabilities.

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