Largest Chicago Apartment Fire in Years Kills 8


Eight people, including six children, were killed when a fire broke out before dawn Sunday at a Chicago apartment in one of the deadliest fires in the nation’s third-largest city in years, officials say.

Two other people were hospitalized in very critical condition, Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Merritt said. Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago told reporters that one of the children who died was an infant. Officials have not released the names or ages of the victims.
Santiago said, “We have not spent a lot of time in this for many years – this is the number of deaths and injuries in one place.”

Authorities told firefighters that they fired at 4:00 am in the southern town of Little Pheasant, near the town of Hispanic. At least two buildings have fired, one of them coach house. Alevin’s cause has not been determined.

The video showed that the three-story building came with flames entering the coach room behind the smoke coming from the windows of the stone ceiling. While a police officer was doing CPR at the same time, the police officers helped push a stretcher into an ambulance. A woman was lying on a crying street while trying to comfort her.

Merritt, all the victims came from the same house. The researchers said they could not find smoke detectors.

At least one firefighter was injured and taken to the hospital in good condition.

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