KPMG’s Audit Work Is of `Unacceptable Standard:’ UK Regulator


The accounting regulation in the UK triggered calls for reform of the industry, including the dismantling of “Big Four” players, stating that KPMG’s UK audit work is an unacceptable standard.

On an unprecedented assessment, the Financial Reporting Council said that KPMG inspectors were not as difficult as they were, not sufficiently skeptical, and inconsistent in the conduct of inspections. Watchdog said that the decline in qualifications over the last five years has “unacceptably and badly reflected” the previous leadership’s efforts to improve the business.

“This is more evidence that the problems in KPMG are highly systematic,” said Atul Shah, a professor of accounting and finance at the University of Suffolk. “They are not a professional company with standards of independence, character and honesty, but a profit maximizing business. To reform the Great Quartet we must address these cultural issues and conflicts of interest. “

The FRC may have been criticized as toothless and decided not to interfere with the teeth of the banks’ savants in the financial crisis. Only this month, the guard dog has given fines to both PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG to abuse the task in past checks.

Big Four’s business model sets out claims of conflict of interest by mixing audit consultancy, tax consultancy, information technology and a sequence of other services.

“The Big Four companies are preparing the ground for future financial directors and corporate leaders,” Shah said. “If this breeding is culturally inadequate, you can imagine how far cancer has gone.”

Increased Review
Reporters face increasing scrutiny by US inspectors because of renewed calls for competition officials to think about breaking down the biggest accountancy companies. In a parliamentary report last month, KPMG, Deloitte, EY and PwC, along with banks and other consultants, were criticized for the poor custody of Carillion Plc, a collapsed British firm that built and managed government projects.

KPMG “disappointed” that the audit quality grade has fallen and that it is acting to solve the problem, explains Michelle Hinchliffe, the company’s chief audit officer since 2017, on Tuesday.

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The company started to work to “ensure the highest standards of consistency and rigor in all our inspections”. This includes the provision of senior candidates for promotional expenses in the Audit Excellence of Excellence of the company. It is stated that the audit work assessed by the FRC is “substantially” from 2016 onwards.

A review of the 16 auditors conducted by the FRC firms in the FTSE 350 index indicated that tomorrow requires some or significant improvement. To address low performance, the regulator will increase the number of KPMG inspections reviewed during the current financial year by 25 percent. According to Monday’s report, the accounting firm established a board subcommittee to oversee the audit quality.

The FRC has been fined $ 6.5 million ($ 8.6 million) this month and has been severely scolded for abusing the task of two 2014 inspections. KPMG was sentenced to a fine of 3.15 million pounds according to the year 2013 audit.

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