Kansas Commissioner: Enrollment Rises in College Insurance Programs


Enrollment in courses eligible for the Kansas Insurance Certificate Program at several Kansas higher learning institutions is rising, according to the state insurance department.

The department says around 500 students have enrolled in the certificate program for the 2018 fall semester.
The certificate program allows participant schools to show learners information that is readily available to potential employers by potential employers while giving them the opportunity to understand basic insurance concepts.

Participating schools in the third year certificate program are Fort Hays State University, Emporia State University, Pittsburg State University and Washburn University.

The 12 credit-hour certificate program is designed to advance career opportunities for students in the financial services sector, including the insurance area. Students will have the opportunity to be enrolled in the courses offered through the participating institutions. When the courses are successfully completed, the student will receive a certificate that will become part of the student’s resume package when looking for work after graduation.

Commissioner Selzer said, “The certificate program allows students to take focus-based courses online or through traditional classroom instruction.” “Even students from other schools related to the program can take the courses they are most interested in. And, for most courses, students are eligible for scholarships. “

The certificate program is a partnership between the private sector financing and the insurance department and the Kansas Insurance Education Foundation.

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