Judge Upholds Bayer/Monsanto Roundup Cancer Liability But Slashes Award


Bayer AG failed to persuade a California state judge to set aside a jury’s verdict in the first trial over allegations that its Roundup weed killer causes cancer, but the judge said damages should be slashed to $78.6 million from $289 million.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos on Monday rejected Bayer’s arguments that the jury didn’t have any basis to conclude that the herbicide caused a former school groundskeeper’s cancer.
The decision is not a legal example for thousands of related cases in the United States, but will encourage plaintiffs to go forward with their claims. Bayer says he plans to appeal the ruling.

For Bayer,. Not good news yer was Thomas G. Rohback, a lawyer who was not involved in the Roundup cases. ”From Bayer’s point of view, a greater concern says that there is enough science to support the plaintiff’s case.“

Jurors rewarded $ 39.3 million to make up for his lost win and life at Dewayne Lee Johnson. In addition, they concluded that Monsanto Co., which Bayer bought this year, would have to pay $ 250 million to cover the dangers of the herbicide.

Bolanos said that as long as the compensation payment is not legally justified, it hurts more than seven times the amount of punitive damages. Instead, he said that the constitutional law should be one to one. The judge ended December 7 to accept the plaintiff’s total of $ 78.6 million. In the event of Johnson’s refusal, Bayer has the right to file a new suit for criminal damages.

Johnson’s lawyers said he was weighing his options.

. Although we believe that a decline in criminal penalties is unnecessary and weighing the options, we are pleased that the court did not upset the decision, Michael said Michael Baum and Michael Miller, a law firm. Bun The evidence presented to this jury was clear, it was overwhelming. “
Bayer, Roundup, the main component in glyphosate has proven to be safe in the work required by regulatory agencies in the US and Europe.

I The court’s decision to reduce the compensation for damages by more than $ 200 million is a step in the right direction; however, we continue to believe that the decision is not supported and that compensation is not supported by evidence or evidence contained in the law and the file will not be planned. He filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals of California.

Bayer tried to convince Bolanos that the jury was not provided with sufficient scientific evidence to blame Monsanto for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He first exposed his disease to glyphosate, which was approved for use in 1974 and became the world’s most widely used herbicide.

Bayer attacked the testimony of an expert oncology witness Johnson described as an extension of Johnson’s case in the challenge of evidence. Chadi Nabhan, according to Johnson, was younger than the average patient who developed a red-flagged Hodgkin’s lymphoma according to the government.

Dr Bolanos wrote that Nabhan did not have to eliminate any possible causes of his cancer. For cancer, i since there is no evidence of an alternative explanation önemli, the jury said. He was free to focus on Nabhan’s statement, saying a glyphosate-based herbicide such as Roundup is serbest an important factor causing cancer Nab. He said the judge.

In the first decision of the jury, Bayer investors panicked and their shares fell most in seven years. 13. With more than 8,500 claims on the herbicide pending in the US, the company is preparing for the next test trials at St. St. In February, the state court of Louis and the federal court of San Francisco.

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