Iowa Pulls Florida Man’s Non-Resident Producer License for ‘Bait, Switch’ Tactics


The Iowa Insurance Division has ordered Covals Douze, of Coconut Creek, Florida, to pay administrative fines and fees totaling $43,895 and revoked his non-resident insurance producer license in a “bait and switch” scheme.

The division has also prohibited Douze from reapplying for licensure as an insurance producer in Iowa for 15 years.
“Easy to buy insurance coverage for consumers online or over the phone. While this convenience is good for consumers, it’s also easier for fraudsters to hurt, andır said Chance McElhaney, Iowa Insurance Division spokesman. Alındı ​​In this case, consumers were told they received a health insurance policy, but a life insurance policy was received. Particularly when dealing with out-of-state insurance sales operations, if something arises, it’s important for Iowa consumers to contact our office. “

According to the insurance section, Douze’s insurance laws violate:

To apply for a policy that the consumer does not want to be delivered and has no knowledge of;
Sign the signature of a consumer to sign a consumer’s signature and sign the consumer’s signature without the consumer’s knowledge or consent;
Lead a consumer by considering that the health insurance application for the consumer is completed and that he applies for a life insurance;
To give the customer an e-mail address that is not allowed to pass by the consumer in order to see the application correctly and to determine that it is against his wishes and beliefs, has completed a life insurance policy application, not a health insurance application. policy;
Refuse to cooperate with an investigation of the Department;
Failure to provide the department with the current residence address;
Failure to provide the department with the current business address; and
Failure to provide the department with the postal address.

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