Iowa Hardware Store Struck by Vehicles in 2 Accidents 5 Days Apart


The famous “jog” through the heart of Correctionville, Iowa, suffered a bit of a stumble in recent days.

Make that stumbles. Plural.
On November 23, and again on November 28, vehicles that slid or rolled south towards Driftwood failed to negotiate the “correction” on Fifth Avenue before the road went south. The town was named for a a correction ra study because it was leaned to the ground by the surveyors. The east-west correction line runs along Fifth Avenue in Driftwood.

According to the Sioux City Journal, Corner Hardware has suffered damage at the receiving end of the shortcomings experienced by both vehicles at the same time.

Astr Rates are astronomical, onomik said Phil Sevening, owner of Corner Hardware. Or People should get me a lottery ticket, “he says.

Both collisions took place around 8 am. In both cases, the joy was at home, closed for the working day. He received a call and went to the city center to observe the damage suffered by his store.

”No one hurt, so it’s good,“ he said. Tı In the first one, my office’s TV was broken and a corner table was broken. There was a terrible mess in the office. “

Sevent, a business owner for 12 years, estimated about $ 9,000 damage. Michael Sevening, his nephew from Michael Sevening Construction in Correctionville, is busy repairing a couple of damaged areas on the north side of the business.
And, every day, Phil Sevening hears a new piece about the crash site. ”A man stopped today and said I should call the White House and build a wall,“ he said.

Corner Hardware did not close the shop after these activities. According to Richard Flemming, who led the façade last Friday, he does business as usual.

, Nine years ago, I found the same place, Sev Sevening said. ”People told me they thought the store had hit a vehicle eight or nine times over the years.“

Sevening said the intersection of the motorway 31 on this corner is at least more intense with half-traffic. Two years ago, the Iowa Department of Transportation said that Highway 31 was driving a highway on the west side of the highway to a plan of the 20 expansion of the Highway. Since the opening of the new part of Highway 31, he said that giant wind turbines were not transported through the heart of this community and thus crossed the front door of his work.

, Some people say we lost traffic, but I don’t know if that’s true, Sev Sevening said. ”I think he had reduced the long-haul truckers coming from the city.“

Corner Hardware was founded in 1885 as Cathcart & Woodruff Hardware on this site, making it 821 residents the oldest, continuously working business in town. Although not the region, it is the oldest independent warehouse in Woodbury County.

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