Indonesia Quake Losses Exceed Several Hundred Million Dollars; Deaths Pass 430


The death toll from the earthquake that rocked the Indonesian island of Lombok a week ago has passed 430 and the government is estimating economic losses will exceed several hundred million dollars.

The national disaster agency said Monday the Aug. 5 quake killed 436 people, most of whom died in collapsing buildings.
He said that the damage of the houses, infrastructure and other properties was at least 5 trillion rupiah ($ 342 million) and that a more temporary assessment would be made as more assessments were made. The agency said the rebuilding would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The size of the 7.0 earthquake flattened thousands of homes and displaced about 350,000 people according to the latest estimate of the disaster station.

“Damages and losses are huge,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a disaster agency spokesman.

“When all the data are collected later, the amount will be larger. He needs trillions of rupees (hundreds of millions of dollars) for rehabilitation and restructuring. It will take time to rebuild community life and economic development. “

Nugroho said corrupt roads prevented access to isolated mountainous areas and helicopters were deployed for disaster relief by the disaster agency, the army and the search and rescue agency.

Lombok, a more popular but less developed tourist destination than neighboring Bali, was affected by three powerful earthquakes in less than a week and had more than 500 aftershocks.
On July 29, an earthquake killed 16 people. An aftershock of magnitude 5.9 on Thursday caused more panic, more damage, and more injuries on two planes.

Indonesia is a volcano in the Pacific Basin and is prone to earthquakes due to its position on the “Fire Circle” that the fault line carries. In December 2004, Sumatra’s massive 9.1 earthquake triggered a tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen countries.

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