In Spain, diesel and gasoline vehicles will be banned from 2040


Spain is planning to ban the sale of diesel and gasoline cars since 2040, as part of the global climate change struggle.
With the Prohibition of air-polluting vehicles, Spain will also bring its national standards to the same level as the UK and France. According to the plan, from 2040, the use and sale of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with carbon dioxide emissions in Spain will be banned.

The government of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is planning to bring this new law to Parliament by the end of the year. The arrangement will also support environmentally friendly energy and energy efficiency. Spain will thus fulfill its responsibility for the Paris Climate Agreement. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to 20% below 1990 levels and to 90% below 2050.
Sanchez has so far had difficulty finding support from opposition to major legislative proposals for amendments.

Britain and France made progress in their plans to ban gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2040. Some British politicians also argue that this history should be withdrawn sooner and that the ban should be brought back in 2032. Denmark also plans to ban fossil fuel vehicles by 2030.

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