How Much You Use Kasko Insurance Assistant Services


The first day they buy their vehicles, the owner of the vehicle, they immediately get Kasko insurance. Traffic intensity on the one hand, increasing robberies and scams on the other hand, most people do not want to get a job on their vehicles. They’re right about that. Since Kasko insurance can now be performed in different features, due to the nature of the guarantees they want to take, due to their financial situation and risk concepts, the owner of the vehicle can make a narrow insurance, Kasko insurance, extended insurance or full insurance of Kasko insurance. Everything to protect against theft, accident, burn, or other hazards.
Everything is fine so far, insurance companies, almost all of them, a little bit of competition conditions, some of the clients with a concern to provide a quality service of faça provides some assistance services. This service is an important service provided with Kasko insurance. Assistant services may vary depending on the type of insurance company and Kasko. In any case, however, it offers policy holders the opportunity not only to deal with their vehicles, but also to eliminate many problems in everyday life. As a matter of fact, when making insurance, car owners should get detailed information about the assistant services offered by the insurance company and use them as soon as they can. So I wonder how many people who own Kasko insurance policy are aware of these services, know the scope of these services, or even use them? However, the assistance services offered outside the coverage of the Kasko policy have life saving features as well as the main guarantees most of the time. Most insurance companies provide assistance services free of charge. Some insurance companies offer some of the services provided in this context as a premium, on demand.

Now let’s talk about the most frequently given assistance services.:

Pulling the car: the car may remain stationary when an accident has occurred or malfunctions. In this case, the vehicle is taken from the location of the nearest contracted or an Authorized Service to be seen within the scope of this service.
Rental vehicle service: if the repair of the accident vehicle will exceed a certain period of time, the insurance company will remain within the limits set by the vehicle owner to give rental vehicle is covered by this service.
Accommodation service: the payment of the accommodation expenses of the insured by staying within the limits set out in the conditions stipulated in the sigota policy and in case of compulsory conditions is covered by this service.
Ambulance service: if the insured is injured in the vehicle that has suffered a traffic accident, the transportation to the nearest medical center is covered by this service.
Mini repair service: the repair of small-size damages in the car’s body, interior floors, glass and plastic parts within the conditions and limits set out in the insurance policy is covered by this service. In this way, the owner of the policy does not have the right to deduct damages.
Loss of key: if the car’s key is taken or stolen by force, or if the car’s key system is damaged during the attempt to steal the car, the repair of the key system is covered by this service.
No-claims bonus protection coverage: at a certain rate no-claims discount for car owners who have obtained, depending on the extent of the damage and the protection of this right prescribed in the conditions covered by this service policy.
Today, assistance services, not limited to the services listed above, have become almost an integral part of Kasko insurance. Let us remind again that the conditions and limits for benefiting from these services are different in insurance companies. In order to create customer satisfaction, it is necessary to be aware of these services which are given importance in terms of insurance companies and to use them when they are in place. Assistance services are also important for the development of the insurance system and increasing the number of insured persons.

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