Highland Insurance Solutions Launches Contractors Equipment Coverage


Highland insurance answers has launched a new system product for contractors. The new policy form offers wide safety and scheduled or blanket reporting insurance.

Highland’s new contractors system insurance functions consist of:
As much as $10 million loss limits
$5,000 minimal premium
No co-insurance consequences
Automated alternative value coverage on gadget five years or more moderen
Blanket loss payee language constructed into shape for fast certificates issuance
Target lessons for the coverage encompass:

Trendy gontractors
Avenue and road, which include batch plants
Oil and gas servicing
Bridge builders
Open pit and above ground mining
Water and sewer cut and cowl
Land development
Highland coverage solutions, a subsidiary of tokio marine kiln, is a coping with widespread agent that offers coverage merchandise and specialty risk control products for the development industry. It launched with a developers hazard software in 2015 and has due to the fact that grown the company’s annual written top rate to greater than $a hundred million. Highland is an entirely owned corporation of wnc coverage offerings inc., a belongings and casualty underwriting agency that offers distinctiveness hazard management merchandise, together with non-public flood, creation and lender-positioned merchandise.

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