High Winds, Tornadoes Damage Homes, Businesses in Southern Minnesota


Several tornadoes struck southern Minnesota as severe storms packing powerful winds and heavy rain left a trail of destruction overnight, the National Weather Service said Friday.

The extreme weather late Thursday damaged homes and businesses, and turned a small airport upside down, but didn’t appear to leave anyone with physical injuries.
The weather service confirmed that the hurricanes hit the Faribault, Granada, Morristown, Elysian and Waterville lakes, but still determined whether the Elysian and Waterville Lake hit the same hurricane or two separate folds. Suspicious hurricanes were also reported near Medford, Northfield and Randolph. The most affected area was Rice County, about 40 miles (65 kilometers) south of Minneapolis.

A suspicious hurricane flattened a 100-year-old barn, a popular venue for a wedding near Northfield. When the storm was hit, the owners were under Pat and Tammy Winter. They said that they and their animals were not injured on Facebook, but they were devastated by financial losses.

Dı Our hearts are broken, last night, the hurricane, the precious Red Barn broke into pieces, ler he wrote.

The municipal airport in Faribault remained closed on Friday after heavy damage. The hangars collapsed on the aircraft and several planes parked outside were thrown by the winds.

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn said 36 homes were damaged in Morristown and nearly a dozen were impassable.

Ize Surprisingly, when you see the gas that this storm brought to our district, we have not received any injury reports, Dun said Dunn.

Some places fell 4 inches (10 centimeters) of rain. The Twin Cities beat an old 1.82 inch (4.62 centimeter) mark from 1902 and recorded a 3.85-inch (8.33 cm) daily precipitation.

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