HDI Adds to U.S. Engineering Lines & Construction Division in Chicago


HDI Global Insurance Co., headquartered in Chicago, has expanded its Engineering Lines & Construction Division with several new hires.

John Sprague has been appointed senior construction liability underwriter. He will be responsible for the continued growth and development of the U.S. construction liability portfolio. In his 25-plus year career, Sprague has held various excess casualty underwriting and management positions in the E&S practices of Starr, Zurich and AIG.
Diane Kirt and Robert Pawula are joining Senile Sigorta to HDI as engineering line insurers. They will support efforts to load the division, including the railroad and the risk of builders.

Paul Magiera, engineering engineers, will pioneer the service of existing accounts and create new processes to simplify existing procedures. He joined HDI at the State Farm where he worked for 20 years as a producer.

Julie Heller, subcontractor of construction responsibility, joined HDI from Starr and worked as an insurance assistant in the Property Department for five years. Heller will be responsible for account clearance, policy issuance, account premium processing and billing, rating and various administrative and corporate projects.

Tom Barilich and Jeonghee Oh were appointed as senior risk engineers.

Barilich participates in the HDI with a wide range of brokerage, carrier and TPA experience, especially in AIGs construction and energy departments where he spends 20 plus years as technical service manager and crane expert. HDI will provide risk engineering activity for accident lines by focusing on debt exposure control across the United States.

Oh, he joined HDI from Aon where he worked for the disaster model development group. It will enable HDI’s loading team to evaluate portfolios related to engineering line risk assessment and natural hazards.

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