Half of the Volkswagen cars sold in 025 will be SUVs


Volkswagen has finally lifted the cover of the New T-Cross. Polo-sized SUVs come out simultaneously in Europe, China and South America. This is an indication of Volkswagen’s global ambitions.
T-Cross will give Volkswagen a place in the fast growing small SUV market. The B segment model is part of the largest SUV attack in the history of Volkswagen.

Naturally, such an attack will also affect the company’s series. By 2025, Volkswagen predicted that one of the two Volkswagen cars would be SUVs.
That’s a radical guess. Right now, one of every five cars is SUV. The company estimates that this increase in SUV sales will come from North and South America and China. Volkswagen will have more than 30 SUVs in 2025.

Today, the company offers four global SUVs: T-Cross, T-Roc, Tiguan and Touareg. In addition, regional models such as the North American Special Atlas and the China Special Teramont are sold. The new model many are waiting in line. Among these will be the first electric VW SUV expected to arrive in 2020.D. D. Crozz, too.
“The SUVs are becoming increasingly popular around the world, ” said Jürgen Stackmann, a member of the board of Volkswagen. That’s why we continue to grow our SUV attack. SUV sales are very important to us, because with the income we earn here, we will be able to invest in future technologies such as otonom driving and so on.”

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