German Consumer Agency to Seek Damages Against Volkswagen Over Diesel Tests


Volkswagen will face another class action lawsuit over its rigging of diesel emissions tests, this time at home when Germany introduces a new law in November.

State-financed consumer protection organization vzbv said on Wednesday it would undertake “pioneering work” with motorists’ lobby group ADAC by filing for damages on behalf of car owners.
A draft bill, designed in May by the German cabinet in May, will allow consumer protection agencies to file a lawsuit on behalf of the consumers they represent and will avoid high legal costs for illegal action.

Vzbv announced that it aims to show that the so-called type EA 189 diesel engines have been damaged by Volkswagen’s use of the software used for VW, Audi, Skoda owners and Seat cars deliberately fraud emissions testing

Volkswagen said the possibility did not change the view that consumers have no legal basis to make claims about the diesel problem in Germany.

Vzbv said he wants to get compensation for the owner of nearly 2 million diesel cars, which are not environmentally friendly, as was the case when VW was purchased.

VW, adopted in 2015, used illegal motor control devices to deceive US emissions tests.

Almost all of the affected cars in the United States agreed to participate in a $ 25 billion agreement in the United States, which deals with requests from them, environmental regulators, US states and dealers, and demands reimbursement proposals and additional compensation for approximately 500,000 people.
VW rejected criticism that US car owners are not being extended to other jurisdictions.

Consumers sued in countries such as Switzerland, Australia and Belgium.

Information on drivers for how to participate in German actions will be published at

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