Frey to Replace Benet as CFO at Travelers


The Travelers Companies announced that, effective Sept. 1, Jay S. Benet will step down from his role as chief financial officer, a position he has held since 2002. Benet will remain on the senior leadership team as vice chairman.

Daniel S. Frey will succeed Benet and become executive vice president and chief financial officer, effective Sept. 1. Frey currently serves as chief financial officer of the company’s Personal Insurance segment. He has served in a number of other key financial management roles across Travelers over the past 15 years.
As the second president, Benet will support Frey’s transition over a period of time and then assume a variety of responsibilities, including serving as strategic consultant to senior leadership team, according to the announcement.

President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Schnitzer praised Benet. “Every milestone in this company’s modern life carries the brand of Jay Benet,” Schnitzer said. “His advice is indispensable for more than ten years mythology Jay Fishman and he has been a key partner mentor and friend to me for more than 10 years. I am very grateful to everyone who contributed to this company and we are lucky that it will continue to serve as a member of the senior leadership team. “

Frey brings over 30 years of new experience in finance and accounting. Prior to her current assignment, Frey served as chief financial officer of the organization’s Claims and Site Management organizations. Prior to joining the lodgings, he was CFO of Spalding Sports Worldwide. He started his career in public accounting at Deloitte & Touche.

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