Flood Insurance Lapse Avoided But Longer Term Extension Still Uncertain


The House and the Senate have approved a seven-day extension of the federal flood insurance program that keeps the program from lapsing Friday.

That short extension will take the program to Dec. 7, the day by which Congress must pass a continuing resolution in order to continue funding the government and avoid a shutdown.
The 7-day measure (HR7187) provided by Thomas MacArthur (R-NJ.) Accepted the House 350-46 and unanimously approved the Senate.

In addition, the US Senate passed the six-month re-authorization (S3628) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on Thursday night until 31 May 2019. However, it is unclear whether the Senate can follow the House.

If the House does not agree to a six-month settlement, the Congress may still include an extension in the ongoing decision for funding the government needed in December 7. However, it is not clear whether Congress and President Trump agreed on funding. The government will be shut down.

Senator John Kennedy (R-La.), Who sponsored the six-month extension measure approved by the Senate, said he would try to go along with the house for long-term extension.

Im Last week I worked hard to convince my colleagues in the Senate. For a while in NFIP, it would cause harm not only in coastal countries but in families in this country. I’m glad to come to my colleagues. Meslek

Underlining the fact that more than five million Americans are insured through NFIP, Kennedy said, genişlet We are angry at the inefficiency that caused us to expand the program without making long-term reforms in Washington, but families deserve protection, olan he said.

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