Fired Worker in Massachusetts Argues Pot Use Didn’t Violate Company Policy


A Massachusetts woman who was fired by a food services company for her recreational marijuana use says she was wrongfully terminated.

The Eagle-Tribune reports that 55-year-old Bernadette Coughlin was fired last month from her job as a supervisor with Sodexo at Holy Family Hospital after she was drug tested following a fall at work. The Methuen woman says she had used pot after work a few days before the incident.
Fun escrow is legal in Massachusetts. However, Sodexo operates under federal jurisdiction.

Coughlin demanded arbitration with Sodexo.

The lawyer said Coughlin’s use of off-duty pots does not violate company policy because it does not affect the company’s performance or safety. The lawyer said there were inconsistencies in handling the test.

The Sodexo spokesperson said the company is evaluating the policies of the cannabis environment.

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