FEMA Head ‘Ticked Off’ Over Cycle of Inadequate Storm Preparation, Insurance, Evacuations


Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long angrily criticized the failure of citizens to heed evacuation warnings and leaders to better prepare for natural disasters such as Hurricane Michael.

“It’s frustrating to us because we repeat this same cycle over and over again,” Long said during a press briefing Friday at FEMA headquarters in Washington. “If you want to live in these areas, you’ve got to do it in a more resilient fashion.”
Hurricane Michael was just shy of Category 5 as he passed through a sparsely populated area of ​​Florida called panhandle, following Georgia’s north-eastern region through Georgia and Carolinas. Now a tropical cyclone, the damage that occurred after the dangerous winds of the storm began to cling to more populated areas in Virginia.

The director of FEMA has punished Americans in areas that are vulnerable to evacuation warnings and the failure of many people to fail insurance transport.

. Insurance is the first line of defense, Long Long said. In We often see that people pay their mortgages and allow their insurance to end, and then their house is burning. “

Uzun has also criticized his criticisms at different levels of government and argued that the authorities have not done enough to protect their inhabitants from extreme weather conditions.

. We will continue to see a lot of damage and destruction until the building codes are meaningful at the local and state levels, Long said Long.

He said the benefactors were federal flood standards that governed construction rules that President Donald Trump canceled last year. The ministry has called for amendments to the National Flood Insurance Program, which refuses to undergo revision despite warnings that the program has been out of date.
FEMA passed a long history law last week that gave FEMA more money for communities that had been hardened before disasters. However, he stressed that the agency itself could not lead to an increase in extreme weather conditions.

. We’re just a part of the formula needed in the whole community to stop this madness, Long said Long. ”If you see enough in your career, you’ll be marked.“

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