FEMA Assessing Tornado Damage in Connecticut


Officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency began evaluating a process Monday in which damage from a hurricane and a macro explosion that hit Connecticut during a severe storm last month could result in federal aid.

Officials have jumped off damage from EF1 hurricanes with winds ranging from 9 1 to 110 miles / hour between the Beacon Falls and the Hamden, and 100 miles from a macrofilter that hit Brookfield on May 15th. A DoWndraft Hurricane-like damage that could cause a macro burst.

During the storms, a total of four hurricanes were touched in the six towns of the province. When the trees hit their vehicles, two people died in Danbury and New Fairfield and lost more than 120,000 homes and jobs. The whirlwinds also crashed between Southbury and Oxford and between Winsted and Barkhamsted.

Gov Dannel P. Malloy may, based on the assessments, give notice of disaster which, in the case of President Donald Trump’s approval, could provide federal assistance for repair and cleanup.

FEMA spokesman Diego Alvarado said, “We are determined to stay here to fulfill this task.”

FEMA officials have been united in the ratings by US Senator Richard Blumenthal, US Representative Rosa DeLauro and local officials in Hamden and US Representative Elizabeth Esty by Brookfield. FEMA also planned to calculate the damage in other affected areas.

Blumenthal said, “I’m pretty sure it will follow a disaster declaration from the governor.” “Then we have to fight, and I mean, the president must admit that federal aid is absolutely necessary for the matter of justice and justice.”

Jim Apuzzo, a Hamden inhabitant, said he would spend a few more weeks cleaning up all the trees and other debris on his land.

“I hope the tornado is like lightning. They never hit the same place two times, “he said. “I hope this is the first and last time.”

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