Federal Officials Assessing Wisconsin Flood Damage


Federal Emergency Management Agency officials are touring Wisconsin to assess damage in communities that were hit by flooding and tornadoes in August.

Five FEMA teams are assessing damage to public infrastructure and homes in order to determine whether Wisconsin qualifies for federal disaster aid, Wisconsin Public Radio reported.
The process of assistance may be long, but the agency said they wanted to take time to collect evidence of damage to people, according to FEMA spokesman Pam Saulsby.

Say When you consider the magnitude of a particular disaster and sometimes the number of people applying for help, we are begging for patience, “he said. . On the other side of the disasters we have trained and trained staff to take over people. But every case is different and we want to spend time with people who need more time to get all of these things. “

Wisconsin officials estimate that there is more than $ 108 million in housing storm damage and $ 75 million in public infrastructure damage.

Keith Butler, Director of Emergency Management at La Crosse County, said the state believes FEMA will fulfill its public assistance program and will help repair public infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Butler, however, said he was not sure whether the district would be eligible for the agency’s individual assistance program.

Iz If you don’t have enough destruction, you can’t call it a national disaster. This is a local disaster. And it’s hard, it’s hard to look at people’s faces and say it’s bad, but it wasn’t bad enough,, said Butler.

Jessica Johnson, living near the La Crosse-Vernon County line, said flood waters have changed the foundation of her mobile home and destroyed her property and cars.

“We didn’t put any money to fix such a thing,“ he said. “I was hoping for something. I’m looking for every number I can find to try to figure out what resources are there. “

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