Families Await Justice in North Dakota Oilfield Workplace Lawsuits


Brenda Austin was worried when her son, Casey, told her he planned to work in North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield in early 2013.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be in a safe spot,” he told her when he left their Mandan home for a job at a Minot-based company that provided on-site water recycling for the industry.
However, this did not stop the truck – his supervisor’s vision was hidden by the viewfinder of a truck passing by on the way to the job site throughout the day – the trench slid into the air, filling the cabin with the snow at 5:00 am. On a remote gravel road in Eastern Montana.

More than five years later, Brenda Austin thinks he is not looking for justice. In this sense, like the other family members of the workers who died in the course of their time to take their cases through the court process.

”It will be six years and it feels like yesterday,“ he said. Ancak I don’t want to say this is a lost cause, but there’s nothing else I can do. Something to accept. “

Austins filed a lawsuit against the Resistance. In April 2017, a Montana district judge issued a summary decision stating that a worker’s compensation claim was the only legal solution. The decision was not appealed and no worker compensation was filed by the family.

The rescuers and the supervisor did nothing to cause accidents, but an e-mail from Todd Stubbs, a company lawyer.

”This was an unfortunate accident that no one had to be blamed on the basis of the facts,“ he said. ”This accident also involved a number of conditions, because if the truck had just rolled and the snowmobile had not entered the vehicle, Casey would have survived.“
According to the Bismarck Tribune, Casey Austin is only one of the youngest men to have tragically ended their lives on both sides of the Montana-North Dakota border at a time when the Bakken oilfield is considered one of the country’s deadliest businesses.

Dedi I feel like I’m failing as a parent, olarak said Brenda Austin. ”I think I failed my son because nothing was done“.

In 2013, Casey Austin died, the employee compensation insurance provider WSI in the state of North Dakota tackled the demands of deaths related to the oil and gas industry for the fiscal year 13. Five of these were related to a motor vehicle.

These numbers would climb. In the fiscal year of 2014, nine oil and gas deaths involving a motor vehicle. In 2015, there were 18 deaths related to 11 vehicles. When oil prices fell, in 2016 and 2017, three killings were carried out, and in 2018 four were massacred.

Fred Bremseth, a lawyer working in Minneapolis, saw the impact on families as he joined a couple of large oilfield deaths. One of them was a man in Montana, including Dustion Bergsing, who was killed in a Marathon oil well near Dustree. A secret agreement was reached.

. As you can imagine, it’s very difficult and painful, edebil said Bremseth. ”Our justice system is meant to be very comprehensive, but it also slows down the process.“

Some cases are complex. Some courts are inadequate. A short period of time is usually between one and two years and in some cases may drag five or six people, according to Bremseth, there is often no magic to help families through the often drawn process. It uses ır common honesty lam and tries to explain and manage its expectations as well as possible.

Kal The death of a loved one, especially a child, is something you will never really end up for the rest of your life, Bre said Bremseth.

Bremseth’s customers returned to consultancy services when needed. Others return to their beliefs or community for support.

When families choose to bring a lawsuit, they often think that they feel a mistake to be justified and, according to Bremseth, that someone can help prevent the tragedy from being tragic to others.

Eric Genet, president of the MonDaks Safety Network in Williston, Williston, in six years, said the oil industry workers had a ı 180 degrees D return to the mindset of a business in the February 2017 industry. do it unsafe.

Genet said a MonDaks initiative over the last four or five years had been monitoring the atmosphere on oil and gas wells and storage tank sites, and said that a number of workers, including Bergsing, died after being exposed to H2S gas in 2013.

MonDaks, who realized 40 percent of injuries and deaths on the road, set up a Transport and Transmission Committee to address road safety.

In Casey Austin’s case, Brenda Austin said she was reorganizing the corner of the road to make it less steep at the county’s crash site.

“No more children will die,” he said.

Bremseth also hopes that by organizing civil cases against companies for negligence, he and others in his profession will be a deterrent to the monetary damages of others.

”One of the points is to try to make our workplaces, products and roads safer,“ he said. ”By making a claim, we are trying to bring the dangers to light.“

Bremseth said that the system was not perfect, but it felt like it helped him do the right thing in what brought me out of bed Bre.

For Brenda Austin, there was no closure, and more had to be done. He sent letters to the state of Richland County advocating a criminal complaint. He thinks that law enforcement should ask more questions.

Brenda Austin and her husband went to the crash site several times since the accident, planted a large metal thorn and extinguished the flowers. They haven’t come back in a few years.

Edi All my life, un Brenda Austin said her son was a third of the four children she had.

Brenda Austin told her son that he needed something when he needed help. At age 22, Casey Austin was a g golden-hearted li friend with carefree and almost everyone.

“It was like a magnet,“ he said. “People are new to him.”

Brenda Austin explains how she stood up for another guy she had never met before, during a fight, when she needed help. They both became close friends.

Oğ It was the car, ul Brenda Austin replied, her sons taught him how to rebuild the engines. He reconstructed the first at age 14 and wanted to run his own automotive store.

“He had so many plans,” he added, hoping to save enough to build his girlfriend in Bismarck-Mandan and a house for him.

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