EU Leaders Approve Brexit Treaty, Which Faces Rejection in UK Parliament


European Union leaders finally sealed a Brexit deal on Sunday, saying the package agreed with Prime Minister Theresa May was the best Britain will get in a warning to the British parliament not to reject it.

“Those who think that, by rejecting the deal, they would get a better deal, will be disappointed,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters after the 27 other EU leaders formally endorsed a treaty setting terms for British withdrawal in March and an outline of a future EU-UK trade pact.
He asked if there was a chance that Brussels would re-initiate the deal if a pro-ally and non-Brexit alliance vote won in the UK parliament. saying that he did not want to think hypothetically.

He organized a press conference after the summit in order to make a sales speech to his plan and offer television viewers to check the borders and budgets of England at home. business and security of Britain and Europe.

Iniz In any negotiation, you can’t get everything you want. I think the English people understand this, İngiliz he said.

Parliament’s vote may open the door to a fazla brighter future Par or condemn it to further division. Anlaşma I’m going to sue this deal for all my heart, redd he added, to ask if Parliament would resign if he refused.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the senior labor force of the bloc, reiterated the reluctance to speculate about what she calls a dı tragic and sad lü lü historic day Bl.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, “B Plan does not exist,” he said. ”If they think there is something better going on in the UK with everyone’s düşün No ağ vote, they’re wrong.“
A senior EU official said that Plan B had prepared a possible dispute scenario in which Britain struck a legal structure that directs Europe’s economy on 29 March.

At a summit meeting in May, there was no discussion as to what might happen if parliament rejected an agreement in a vote shortly before the next EU summit on 13-14 December.

No Champagne
With the praise of Michel Barnier’s team of negotiators to make a deal after 18 months of strenuous talks, Juncker said it was ucu not time for champagne ’that the big powers of Europe came out after a referendum in 2016. The harder work of establishing new relations is already continuing.

EU leaders took only half an hour to sign the 585-page withdrawal agreement and aimed to follow a two- to three-year status quo transition period to pass a regular exit in March. A future trade and security partnership draft was only 26 pages. May’s critics have said that Britain’s adherence to EU regulations will no longer have a so-called voice.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said the Brexit agreement was a ine gradual paper i for Britain to get everything it wanted to leave the EU, but the arithmetic for the ratification of the agreement was it compelling Dışişleri.

Tusk, the President of the Council of Europe, said the bloc could be a skeptical partnership with Britain over its long-standing EU membership. And one day is longer, Ve he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the UK’s Brexit game showed that Europe needs reform. He stressed that Paris would allow Britain to comply strictly with the EU and provide easy access to trade. After Brexit, he requested access to the English fishing grounds and also reported on fraud and negotiations.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite mentioned several scenarios if the parliament blocked the package: the British would hold a second referendum; Make a new choice to change May or return to Brussels again to retry the package.
Irish question
The Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, which supports the minority government in May, will try to hinder the agreement, because it binds London to many EU rules and fear that the DUP may weaken the province’s relations with Britain – a consequence of a risk aversion is a hükümet hard border çi with EU member Ireland. .

Debates on how to protect the EU’s open border with the troubled Northern Ireland, said most of the Brexit negotiations, and that the leader of the DUP, Arlene Foster, would “review” an agreement that would support the May Conservative government if the Brexit divorce passed through parliament.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn reiterated that Labor would say that a better deal could be made.

The 300-year naval base in Gibraltar on the southern coast of Spain, Spain, threatened to derail its plans. However, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Sunday that Spain has a say in the future of the “Rock”, saying he wants to demand a share of sovereignty.

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