Energy Company Cited for 25 Safety Violations After Fatality at N.H. Plant


The US Department of Labor’s Office of Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) thanked EWP Renewable Corp., who worked for Springfield Power LLC for 25 security breaches after the company was exposed to a fatal injury when a conveyor belt was pulled in Springfield, NH. , Facility in November 2017. Mount Laurel, NJ, the company faces $ 125,460 for the proposed penalties.

OSHA investigators found that the conveyor and other machines did not have the necessary safety safeguards and were not trained in locking / labeling procedures to prevent unintentional equipment being started. OSHA also showed Springfield Power for falling hazards, electric shock and arc flash hazards, and adequate emergency evacuation, fire prevention and hazardous energy control programs.

Rosemarie O. Cole, OSHA New Hampshire Regional Director, said, “The failure of this employer to protect employees has resulted in a tragedy that could prevent the provision of education and proper maintenance of the machines.

The company is obliged to comply with the proposed action and 15 business days from receipt of the citation, request an informal conference with OSHA’s regional director or discuss findings before the Independent Commission on Health and Safety Review.

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