Effect of Judge Ruling Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional Delayed for Appeal


Obamacare was struck down by a Texas federal judge in a ruling that casts uncertainty on insurance coverage for millions of U.S. residents, drawing sharp condemnation from some medical professionals and a vow for action by top Democrats.

President Donald Trump termed the ruling “a big big victory by a highly respected judge” and an alternative path to the long-time Republican goal of repeal-and-replace.
On Saturday, Trump said on Saturday, during an unannounced visit by the Arlington National Cemetery, where the “Wreaths across America” ​​holiday wreath-making event, “We can get excellent health care,” Trump said. “We’ll have to sit with the Democrats to do this, but I’m sure they want to do it, too.”

The decision to find the Code of Conformity was unconstitutional was terminated on Friday at the end of a six-week open registration period for the program in 2019, and a division between the Republicans who had long sought to invalidate the law and the Democrats struggling to keep the law in place were highlighted.

The White House confirmed that the decision would be suspended during the appeal process to the US Court of Appeal and that the Democrats had filed a speedy appeal. ”It doesn’t affect the scope or scope of the 2019 plan,“ he said. Medicare and Medicaid Services Center manager Seema Verma on Twitter.

US District Judge Reed O’Connor of Fort Worth has ruled by a Texas-led Republican state coalition that the Bargain Obama-signed healthcare agreement, the Affordable Care Act, must make a key statement after Congress’s approval last year. – tax penalty for not complying with the insurance purchase requirement.

’133 Million‘
California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra said, fiyat Today’s decision is an attack on 133 million Americans with pre-existing conditions, ACA’s 20 million Americans based on consumer protection for health care, and America’s loyal advancement to affordable healthcare for all Americans. ” said. In a statement. The Becerra spokesman promised a quick challenge to O hızlıConnor’s decision. O’Connor was appointed to Federal Benches by President George W. Bush.

At the New Congress, Representative Nancy Pelosi, who is likely to be a speaker, described power as “absurd”, adding that the Democrats in Parliament would “quickly intervene in the appeal process” after taking control in January.
Senate’s top Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has decided to “treat” Republicans as “trying to silence this support in the courts while claiming to support people with pre-existing conditions”. He tweeted that the Democrats would ”force their votes to lie. Dem West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin was re-elected on a pro-Obamacare platform in November and called it “misguided and inhumane”.

The Democrats were not the only one who criticized the decision. Arthur Evans, chief executive of the American Psychological Association, said his group was “very worried about the millions of Americans who were insured by health laws.”

“Because our country is in the midst of an opium-derived crisis, this coverage is particularly needed,” Evans said. Olmak We should expand access to health insurance, including behavioral health services, rather than closing the scope of Americans who need them. “

Texas and an alliance of 19 states argued that the judge was harmed by the increase in the number of people in state-sponsored insurance spending. Last year, when the Congress abolished the tax penalty for the so-called individual mission, they claimed that the US Supreme Court overturned in 2012 the justification for finding the ACA constitution.

The Texas judge has accepted. He said that di the provisions of the law em are following a slow game of Jenga or the debate about whether or not to wait for a different judgment to see if the ACA has fallen. The law’s “900 pages of the ACA and every corner of the pages and wander in the mood.”

”The court has to find an individual mission that does not leave the ACA,“ he said. ”Finding otherwise would be to bring a completely new regulatory scheme that was never designed by Congress or signed by the president.“

While Trump and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton acted quickly to praise this decision, the American Medical Association called the decision ton an unfortunate step backwards for our healthcare system Tr.

Some health care professionals were quick to criticize the judge’s reasoning and predicted that the decision would be broken.

Nicholas Bagley, a professor of law at the University of Michigan, said,, We know what Congress is doing in 2017 – it was an individual task to keep the rest of the ACA intact. Michigan Var Now we have a judge who says we have a hard task. All this is full of bones. “

Since the 2019 Obamacare coverage period is only one day during the registration period, the judge’s decision is unlikely to have a major impact on those who actively shop for insurance for the next year. As of December 8, 4.1 million people chose plans over the federal government management portal, which 39 states used for registration.

The total record is on the way to being lower than many years when many critics have challenged the Trump administration’s efforts to promote or withdraw its alternatives to the law.

Louis and Molina Health Inc.’s Centene Corp., Leerink Partners’ health analyst, Ana Gupte, wrote in an analysis on Friday.

California and Democratic officials in the 14 states, along with the District of Columbia, received ACA’s defense authorization in the Fort Worth case when the Trump administration stayed with the states wishing to dismantle it. They argued that the overthrow of the law would reverse the Medicaid expansion and reduce the risk of health insurance for millions of people, ending tax credits that would help people refuse to cover the existing conditions once again.

Individual Task
The lawyers of the Ministry of Justice urged the judge to strike provisions that fulfill individual health duties and require insurance companies to cover individuals with pre-existing health conditions and demand the same premiums as healthy individuals. The judge argued that the Medicaid enlargement should back up the rest of the laws, including employer’s authority, health exchanges, premium subsidies and federal healthcare reimbursement rates for hospitals.

The judge’s decision, breaking the whole movement will terminate the provisions of health insurance is not related to. These include sections such as adding calorie counts to restaurant menus and gaining speed to market cheaper versions of expensive biotechnology drugs.

Maryland’s Chief Prosecutor, Brian Frosh, launched a counterattack on September 13 to rescue Obamacare; He issued a court order to ban the decision of the Constitutional Care Act to be constitutional and to prohibit the US from taking any action contrary to this conclusion. Frosh then sued the US. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the federal departments of Justice and Health and Human Services.

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