Earthquake Hits Japan’s Industrial Heartland, Causing 3 Deaths; Trains, Factories Halted


It was reported that a powerful earthquake struck Osaka on Monday morning, one of Japan’s industrial centers fell and three people were killed and 100 others wounded after stopping trains and factories in the area.

The earthquake started at 7:58 pm local time, with an initial magnitude of 5.9 and then revised to 6.1. 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) was relatively narrow and caused a heavy jolt that registered 6 times lower than the Japanese scale. It was the strongest jolt recorded in Osaka under the records until 1923. The earthquake was centered. There was no fear of a tsunami.

All the trains and subways in Osaka were stopped and the bullet train connecting Osaka to Tokyo was stopped. Kansai Electric Power Co., a regional utility, said that the power was quickly returned to more than 170,000 homes previously closed. Nuclear plants in the region had no news of anomalies.

It was reported that three people, including a nine-year-old girl, died, then fell on the school wall and then died. According to the Government’s emergency and disaster power, nearly 100 people were injured.

The national broadcasting organization NHK showed images of floods, underground water pipes, train passengers forced to climb along the train lines, and floods from the schools collected from the outside in preventive evacuations.

While the earthquake is evacuating the area with major infrastructure damage, the Meteorological Agency has warned that it might come up with powerful aftershocks in the next two or three days. In 2016, the 7-magnitude earthquake that caused major damage and numerous casualties in southern Kumamoto, began 6.2 days ago with a size of 6.2 temblor.

Industrial Heartland
Earthquake, Panasonic Corp., Nintendo Co. and Keyence Corp., and the companies stopped the facilities in the region after evaluating the damage.

Automobile manufacturers Honda Motor Co., Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp. Daihatsu has stopped production at facilities in the provinces. JXTG Energy shut down the refinery in Osaka and shut down shipments; industrial machine maker Kubota Corp., beer maker Asahi Group Holdings and cosmetics maker Shiseido Co. have stopped working in factories.

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The reaction of the incident to the market was greatly reduced; While some of the companies in the region, including Osaka Gas, share their shares, Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. and electric contractor Kinden Corp., did not win as much as the earthquake damage coverage.

A major earthquake in the area near many important faults has long been feared. Osaka is preparing to host the G-20 meeting in June 2019. In 1995, when a neighbor was shot in Kobe, an earthquake of 6,000 kills more than 6,000 people.

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