Early Snowstorm Shuts Down Schools, Businesses in Eastern Missouri


Snow arrived early in eastern Missouri this year, forcing hundreds of schools and many businesses to close on Nov. 15 and causing numerous traffic accidents.

The snowstorm moved into the region Wednesday night and had dumped 4-6 inches (10-15 centimeters) of powder by 8 a.m., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. As much as 8 inches (20 centimeters) could blanket the St. Louis area by the time the storm clears early Thursday afternoon.
Hundreds of schools were closed during the day and many businesses were not opened due to dangerous driving conditions. There were scattered traffic accidents, but there were no instantaneous reports of deadly debris caused by weather conditions. Authorities said the school closures had reduced traffic and the number of wrecks.

St. Jared Maples, the National Weather Service meteorologist who studied early snow fats in St. Louis, had only one more before 16 November. A storm that began on November 5, 1951 and ended the next day, was also a storm. The record high in St. Louis was 10.3 inches (26.2 cm) in the snow.

Another meteorologist, Kevin Deitsch, said the good news about this snow was dry powder.

”It was fluffy, it was a good thing, because we were worried about the power cuts when the trees were soaked, the trees were on the leaves,“ he said.

St. Louis Zoo was closed on Thursday to çalışan secure the public and employees Louis. The zoo is open all year except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Missouri Department of Transportation Louis County care engineer Bob Becker, 200 bucks were out all night and still clear from the middle of the morning, he said.

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