Dutch Man, 69, Who Self-Identifies as 49, Loses Bid to Change Official Age


Dutch motivational speaker Emile Ratelband may feel like a 49-year-old but according to Dutch law he is still 69.

A Dutch court on Monday rejected Ratelband’s request to shave 20 years off his age in a case that drew worldwide attention.
“Mr. Ratelband has the freedom to feel 20 years younger than his real age and act accordingly,” Arnhem says in a press release. Hem However, changing the date of birth will disappear 20 years after the birth of birth records, deaths, marriages and registered partnerships. This can have several undesirable legal and social effects. Bun

Ratelband went to court last month and argued that he is 69 years old and that his will is consistent with other forms of personal transformation in the Netherlands and around the world, such as the ability to change a person’s name or gender.

The court rejected the argument that, contrary to a name or gender, the Dutch law designates age-based rights and obligations, such as the right to vote and the duty to attend school. If Mr. Ratelband’s permission is allowed, these age conditions become meaningless. “

Ratelband, perhaps, unexpectedly gave his background as a defender of self-defined positive thinking, was not insulted by the court’s rejection and vowed to appeal.

Edi That’s great! “He said. ”The denial of the court is great imiz because when we appeal, they give us every angle we can tie.“

“Thousands of people who want to change their age,” he said the first.
The court acknowledged that “there is a tendency in society to make people feel more fit and healthy for a longer period of time, but it does not see it as a viable argument to change a person’s date of birth”.

Ratelband said his case is in line with the demands of name and gender changes.

Ğ I’m saying it’s comparable because it’s about my opinion, benim I’m my identity, “he said.

The court stated that Ratelband did not convince judges that they had subjected the judges to age discrimination, adding, et There are other alternatives to challenging age discrimination rather than changing the date of birth of a person Mahkeme.

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