Delaware Couple Arrested for $100K Insurance Fraud


A Delaware couple has been arrested for fraudulent medical claims for a car accident that has never happened, resulting in the insurance provider being billed for over $ 100,000.

Delaware Insurance Officer Trinidad Navarro said in a press release from the Delaware Insurance Department (DOI), “We are serious about insurance fraud.” “Despite the alleged alleged allegations in New Jersey, the defendants’ coverage is in Delaware. Our fraud investigators took the information they received and eventually conducted a comprehensive investigation that led to these arrests. “

Both Milford, Del., Diliana Legros and her husband, Joseph Aubourg, were charged with insurance fraud by a Delaware Grand Jury on June 4, and were arrested after delivering themselves to the Commander-in-Chief on June 11th. The defendants were processed, tampered and released, each on a $ 1,000 unsecured bond.

An investigation by DOI revealed that the defendants did not claim compensation for injuries suffered from a car accident in New Jersey. As a result of these false allegations, the insurance provider received more than $ 100,000 in medical bills and paid more than $ 55,000.

This came after Legros on November 16, 2016, and he reported an accident claim to Aubourg’s auto insurance company. On 12 November 2016, the defendants alleged that Legros, Aubourg and two of his children traveled from New Jersey to Delaware. The New York-labeled Mini Cooper joined his bands and shot his vehicles. Legros and Aubourg reported that Mini Cooper’s driver did not stop. However, Mini Cooper’s license plate number secured it. Although the label number was relied on, the defendant did not inform the police.

Aubourg claimed that Legros and two children were hurt and was treated by a chiropractic with Milford, Del., As well as other medical specialists. However, upon the examination of the reported strike vehicle and the interviews of the vehicle owner, the investigators were able to provide evidence proving the probability of the accident taking place.

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