Deadly Gas Explosions Near Boston Put Focus on Pipe Safety


Federal investigators were dispatched to three towns just outside Boston after dozens of explosions and fires along NiSource Inc.’s natural gas network left at least one person dead and 13 injured and displaced over 8,000 customers.

Massachusetts State Police reported 39 incidents on the network in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover on Thursday. The blasts appear to be pipeline explosions, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday in a briefing. Shares of NiSource plunged as much as 11 percent to $25.03 at 10:22 a.m. in New York, the biggest intraday drop since November 2008.
Robert Sumwalt, the chairman of NTSB, told reporters in Washington that the agency would be a long investigation by sending a ına go-team ç to researchers from the local time-affected area at a local time.

Ila Some things we will look at will be the design of the pipeline system, any maintenance or improvement or pipeline operator to be made, as the integrity management system of the pipeline operator, “he said. ”This will be a multidisciplinary investigation, we will look at a lot of things.“

Before the explosion, pipeline work creates a aya higher potential to make a financial impact on utility, Pat he said. CreditSights Inc. analysts Nick Moglia and Andy DeVries touched customers in a note on Friday.

“Unfortunately, unlike other gas explosives that occur every few years, this situation seems to be due to the public service operating on gas lines just before the explosions occur,” analysts said. Said. This can ”point to a higher potential for gross negligence rather than just a worn pipe Bu.

Ken Stammen, a NiSource spokesman, said in an email that he could not verify the details outlined in the analyst’s note.

According to the Associated Press, Leonel Rondon, a 18-year-old Lawrence resident, reportedly died after a house explosion slammed into his car and sent a chimney. According to the hospital’s Facebook page, fifteen were taken at Lawrence General Hospital due to explosions due to the explosion of smoke inhalation. One critical patient was transferred to the Boston trauma center.
Andover Police Department Major Eddie Guy told NBC’s Today newspaper Friday morning that he believes the authorities stem from over-pressurized gas lines. Massachusetts Columbia Veteran, the NiSource unit responsible for the local network, said its teams would have to visit each of 8,600 affected customers to close each gas meter and perform security checks.

Aging Infrastructure
National Grid Plc, Lawrence and North Andover and Andover, who run the electricity service in the area, have asked him to power their pockets, spokesman Christine Milligan said. In a statement on the National Grid website, he said that supply cuts have affected 18,000 customers from 7am onwards.

In April, Columbia Gas filed a petition with the state’s Department of Public Services to increase the annual revenue of $ 24.1 million to help the state replace its aging infrastructure. All three towns were listed as areas where neighborhood lines would be changed.

In April, öncelik Changing the leaking infrastructure is a leading priority, Nisan he said. ”However, it would take a few years to eliminate the aging pipe from the gas distribution system.“

San Bruno
Among the graduates was the event that hosted the famous Phillips Academy Andover, which included George W. Bush and Humphrey Bogart. and non-power businesses.

Explosions – a PG & E Corp. in San Bruno, California. A few days after the eight-year anniversary of the deadly explosion in the gas transmission line – New England’s growing opposition could intensify its efforts to heat homes and use gas to generate electricity. The San Bruno tragedy killed eight people and imposed fines and fines of more than $ 1 billion.

Earlier Friday, city officials said some residents in Andover could return home. Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera asked residents to evacuate. The two schools in Lawrence will be used as shelter for evacuation.

The Massachusetts Department of Emergency Management said the state’s mutual aid was activated in the fire mobilization plan and staff were sent to three cities and four structural task forces. The US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration are also sending a team to support emergency response efforts, the spokesman said in an email to Bobby Fraser.

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