Danish Prosecutors Charge Danske with Alleged Money Laundering Violations


Denmark’s state prosecutor has filed preliminary charges against Danske Bank for alleged violations of the country’s anti-money laundering act in relation to its Estonian branch.

The country’s biggest lender was placed under investigation in August over concerns that transactions worth billions of Danish crowns might have been part of criminal money laundering.
Danske Bank is dealing with a money laundering scandal in its Estonian branch, which includes 200 billion euros ($ 225 billion) in suspicious transactions between 2007 and 2016.

“With the investigation, we are still working hard,” general prosecutor Morten Niels Jakobsen said on Wednesday. Said.

Jakobsen said the prosecutor will try to explain whether he can file a criminal complaint against Danske Bank or that individuals can be held responsible.

Stockpiles at Danske Bank, which accounted for about half of their value since March, were largely unaffected by the news and traded 0.7% higher at 1618 GMT.

Inin The possible financial implications of a fine are relatively small, given the current damage and the risk of US authorities seizing the case, tür said Nordnet economist Per Hansen.

Investors have already been fined about 30 billion Danish kroner ($ 4.5 billion) or more.
As a result of the scandal, Danish lawmakers decided to tighten money laundering laws in September and raise their financial penalties by up to 700 per cent.

For serious economic and international crimes, the State Prosecutor has filed a criminal complaint with four counts, dealing with violations at both the Estonian branch and the Bank’s headquarters in Copenhagen.

The charges include not having enough information about the non-resident customers of the branch, preventing the prevention of money laundering and training of local staff on how to prevent the integration of the Estonian branch into the bank’s risk management and control systems.

Ciddi The money laundering case is very serious. Danish businessman Rasmus Jarlov writes on Twitter: It is reasonable and necessary that Danske Bank is now accountable in court.

Jesper Nielsen, the Director-General, said he expects a prepayment in connection with a report submitted by the bank in September.

Thomas Borgen resigned as chief executive when he published an internal report on suspicious money flows through the Estonian branch in September.

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