Danish Passenger Train Hits Falling Cargo from Freight Train, Killing 6, Injuring 16


A danish passenger teach apparently hit falling shipment from a passing freight educate wednesday, an coincidence that killed six human beings and injured 16 others as it crossed a bridge linking the u . S .’s islands, authorities said.

The coincidence was the worst in denmark in greater than 30 years.
The rail operator, danish railways, advised denmark’s tv2 that the victims have been passengers on a educate going from the town of odense, at the primary danish island of funen, to the capital of copenhagen while the coincidence passed off approximately eight a.M.

Government stated the trains have been going beyond each different in contrary guidelines. Aerial television footage showed one side of the front of the passenger educate have been ripped open. Photos showed that the freight teach turned into carrying crates of beer, and the tarpaulin that protected the cargo educate became torn in portions.

Police declined to comment at once on a record from denmark’s tv2 channel that a huge freight field had likely fallen off the cargo teach.

Jesper nielsen, who become on the passenger train, advised denmark’s tv2 the educate “changed into out at the bridge whilst there has been a big ‘bang’ …. Very quickly thereafter, the train braked.”

The coincidence came about on a avenue-and-rail bridge, part of the storebaelt device of bridges and a tunnel that hyperlink the danish islands of zealand and funen.

The shipping gadget became closed to vehicles overnight due to robust winds but trains should pass. Road site visitors resumed wednesday with a 50 kph (31 mph) pace limit.
Police spokesman lars braemhoej stated whilst “we do no longer know exactly what caused the coincidence,” one possible reason changed into that cargo from the freight educate fell off and hit the passenger educate.

He added there was “big harm” on the passenger educate.

“normal danes on their way to paintings or heading domestic from the christmas holidays have had their lives smashed,” prime minister lars loekke rasmussen stated as he issued his condolences.

Police urged passengers to touch relatives and tell them if they have been safe and urged people no longer to proportion pix or films of the accident.

Flemming jensen, the ceo of kingdom-owned danish railways, said police and the danish coincidence investigation board had been investigating the damages. He said the operator “will make a contribution everything that we can to the investigation.”

Bo haaning of the danish accident investigation board become quoted as saying it could take months before the cause of the accident could be decided.

Kasper elbjoern, spokesman for the danish brewery organization carlsberg, confirmed that a freight educate transporting its cargo turned into concerned inside the coincidence.

The government company responsible for danish railways said on twitter that no further trains would pass the storebaelt link on wednesday, adding it changed into aiming to allow teach crossings to renew thursday.

In preceding educate injuries in denmark, 8 humans have been killed and seventy two injured in 1988 when a educate derailed due to excessive velocity near soroe, west of copenhagen.

Denmark’s worst educate accident passed off in 1919, whilst an explicit educate collided with a stopped train in copenhagen due to a dispatcher mistakes. A complete of 40 humans have been killed and a few 60 were injured.

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