Crazy campaign from Toyota!


Toyota will only apply in October, organized a special campaign for dealers and customers. This campaign is the last opportunity for those who want to have a car…
Toyota launched a campaign for both customers and dealers at a time when the currency is rising, prices are rising, and car sales are falling. Aiming to bring vitality to the sector with this campaign, Toyota, 94 thousand 900 TL sold for sale in the Corolla 1.6 life MT model 10 thousand 200 TL discount does. All 1.6 petrol models at Toyota Corolla have discounts of up to £ 10 thousand for turnkey prices. In addition to this scrap incentive, especially those who want to have Corolla have a much more advantageous price.

The campaign benefits are not limited to Corolla alone. With 1.6 petrol models, the Auris Hybrid and the Auris TS Hybrid models are included in the campaign with discounts of up to £ 5,000. In other versions, except the 1.0 version of Yaris, the discount reaches TL 5,000.
All the RAV4 Hybrid models, except the RAV4 Hybrid advance 4×2 model, make the October campaign very advantageous with a 15.000 TL discount.

A Unique Campaign As Car Prices Rise

In September, an increase of 68 percent compared to September of the previous year, and automobile prices are also rising in a period of October campaign launched by Toyota, will also be an important step in the name of moving dealers.

The Corolla 1.6 Life will be available in October at a list price of TL 94.900. Those who want to buy a new Corolla by giving scrap vehicles will also have an additional discount of £ 8.000 and £ 86.900.

Private interest continues

In the October campaign; the 2018 model all Auris, Auris Hybrid, Yaris, Yaris Hybrid and RAV4 Hybrid models, 25.000 TL, 12 months, 0.93 percent interest advantage continues. In addition, the price difference of all 2017 model cars, which was cut in October retail sales bill, is also met by Toyota.
With interest rates starting at 3.03 percent and maturity options ranging from 48 months, which can be shaped according to each Budget, those benefiting from Toyota’s October campaign can start their payments in April 2019, if they wish. In addition, for those who want to change their old vehicles regardless of their brand name and buy a new Toyota, Toyota has the opportunity to “swap” the plazas.

The sample table is as follows:

Corolla Model Of Life Prices
September Price: 108.700 ?
After the Matrah price: 105.100 ?
October Price: 94.900 ?
If there is scrap encouragement: 8.000 ?
discount amount with scrap encouragement: 21.800 TL to find

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