Crash at Connecticut Auto Auction Leaves Six Injured


A man driving a car at a Connecticut auto auction suffered a medical emergency, struck four pedestrians and crashed into another vehicle on Wednesday, sending six people to area hospitals, police said.

The driver of the car, who was revived at the scene, and a male pedestrian who suffered multiple injuries including head trauma, were the most seriously injured. Three other pedestrians and a man in the other vehicle also were hospitalized, police said.
The names and conditions of the victims were not released immediately. All of the authorities are working on auction.

Shortly after 9:30 am, the people drove shortly after watching the vehicles for sale at the South Auto Auction in East Windsor, 15 miles north of Hartford. In the near future, a few The car was being driven. The springs were pulled out and shot outside the bay by a Buick sedan.

Detective Sgt, “The driver of this car has had some kind of medical emergency”. Matthew said Carl.

“The gulfs accelerated and hit four floods and hit him beside the building, climbed out of the car, ran out of one of the coaches, ran away, and passed to the back of the car park. Woods said, “Carl.

A police officer at the auction revived the driver.

A manager at the South Automobile Auction did not immediately send a message on Wednesday.
The accident came 17 years after a similar setback that 10 people were hurt in a parking lot at the South Automobile Auction. Police, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, got out of control when the accelerator stuck.

In May 2017, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, led by a 76-year-old employee of LynnWay Auto Auction in Billerica, Massachusetts, killed five and killed seven by winning the auction.

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