Correction: Safety Agency Orders Firm to Stop Selling Tesla Warning Reduction Feature


Correction: A previous heading of this article incorrectly identified the product as Tesla’s product. It is not; is done by a after-sales firm. Tesla supports the transition to product sales. Insurance reports are regrettable.

Autopilot Buddy is marketed as a “nag reduction device”, which, while not in the steering wheel of a driver’s hand, could fool Tesla Inc.’s semi-autonomous driving system if US regulators have another term for the product. : “Unacceptable”

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Tuesday that the after-sales device manufacturer ordered Autopilot Buddy to stop selling because it could put drivers and others at risk.

Dolts, Falco and Reese Partners LLC, a letter from the NHTSA to the company specified at, orders that it respond by June 29, and approves the distribution and marketing of the product. The company is not affiliated with Tesla.

The Autopilot Buddy website stated that Tesla needs to leave “nagging reminders” to the driver to allow customers to “enjoy automatic pilott”.

Despite these remarks, NHTSA found the product “aimed at motor vehicle safety and driving supremacy”, said NHTSA Executive Vice President Heidi King, in the press release. “By preventing the security system from turning to the driver’s hands, this product can disable important protection and ensure that customers and other road users are at risk.”

A Tesla spokesman said the company supports NHTSA’s action to force the company to end its sales.

While fully self-supporting automobiles are still being developed, Tesla and General Motors Co. Many automakers including automakers have developed technology that keeps them in their car lanes automatically and keeps the vehicle at a safe distance.

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Even though the automobiles can sometimes be quite large, they have to keep their hands on the steering wheel. In the case of Tesla, the system monitors the steering movements to assess whether the driver is busy.

Autopilot Buddy also maintains a waiver that tells the following: “This is not designed as a hands-off device, your hands must remain on the steering wheel in accordance with Tesla’s terms, despite the claim that the Buddy website is an obstacle to the owners of the dispatch warnings. ‘Autosteer’ user contract. “

Semi-autonomous driving features were introduced in a collision-ending newsletter covering Teslas. The National Transportation Safety Board is looking at an accident on March 23, when the driver hit a highway barrier and killed her, and the driver could not detect his hand on the steering wheel.

Autopilot announced that Buddy has not received orders from US Dolder at his website. Falco and Reese are registered at Carl Reese in California. A phone message and an email to Reese did not return immediately

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