CoreLogic Expands Flood and Hail Solutions in Canadian Market


CoreLogic, the Irvine, Calif.-based property data and analytics firm, announced it is expanding its Flood Risk Score and Weather Verification Services for hail into Canada.

The availability of the CoreLogic Flood Risk Score and Weather Verification Service for hail in Canada means insurers and adjusters can more quickly and accurately assess risk in large areas, said CoreLogic, noting that insurers can react quickly when flood events strike, and maintain detailed risk profiles as changes to the environment naturally occur.
CoreLogic provided details of its two products:

Flood Risk Score for Canada. The flood risk score that can be obtained through RiskMeter Online has been developed by scientists who are experts in hydrology and algorithmic based risk assessments. It provides customers with analytical capabilities to help determine the risk of flooding for all flood hazards in all 10 provinces of Canada (all floods, coastal and coastal floods) and the entire spectrum of risk from small floods to severe and catastrophic events. These features help with flood insurance pricing, flood risk reduction and flood risk communication. The core is based on decades of experience in providing comprehensive hydrological technology, scientific data sets and flood risk assessments, says CoreLogic.

Weather Validation Service for Canada. This product confirms that the insured places are full, allowing insurers to see the geographic coverage during and after a full event at the national or property level, and receive proactive filled event notifications about the affected policies. With timely communications around granular views and hail events and locations, insurance companies and carriers can better understand the most challenging areas, anticipate demand volumes and locations, and experience process improvements that accelerate workflow efficiency after full events, explained CoreLogic.

Tam Expanding our Flood Risk Score and Weather Verification to provide a good data flow to Canada, allowing our unemployed and carrier neighbors to have the best of both worlds, providing full coverage for their customers while at the same time taking on smart policies for business books. provide. Dedi I’m a senior product manager at CoreLogic, ic said Mark Drollinger. . These easy-to-integrate, affordable solutions allow carriers to use flood and full event information for a particular location and make better policy and risk decisions. “

More information about the CoreLogic Flood Risk Score or the full Weather Validation Service in Canada can be found on the CoreLogic website.

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