Connecticut’s Paragon Insurance Holdings Hires Fuller


Avon, Conn. Paragon Insurance Holdings LLC, a privately held, national, multi-lingged private general management (MGA) company, has hired Tonya Fuller as vice president of Winery and Brewery. In addition, Ashley Forslund, in close cooperation with Fuller, became a member of the Paragon team in the senior insurer role in the Winery and Brewing department.

In his new posts, Fuller and the Forslund Paragon’s Winery Plus Program will focus on knowledge of the wine and brewery business on the Paragon’s Winery Group and Brewery program.

Fuller has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance sector and has experience in developing, implementing and monitoring national insurance programs. Since 2005, it has focused on designing and managing specific risk management and insurance programs for the wine industry.

Forslund started his insurance career 17 years ago, in 2004, by switching to MGA insurance. In 2008 he started working with Fuller. While maintaining broker relationships, the company has developed special expertise in insurance programs for winery and breweries.

Prior to joining Paragon, Fuller was General Manager of Prime Vintage Insurance Services LLC, a global agency focused on the development and management of private insurance schemes for wine manufacturing and cideries in Napa, California.

Forslund has served as a senior writer at Prime Vintage, which previously focused on the wine industry and had a history in the brewing industry.

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