Claims Technology Firm Snapsheet Names PwC’s Yoder as President


Virtual claims technology firm Snapsheet has appointed insurance industry veteran Jamie Yoder as president.

Yoder will lead activities across Snapsheet’s business lines, including virtual appraisals, fleet and rental management, Snapsheet Transactions and digital engagement and claims management.
Yoder joins Snapsheet from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who has been managing the Insurance Consulting application for the last eight years. She has nearly thirty years of experience in strategy-related transformation to senior US and worldwide managers in the insurance and financial services sectors, and has also pioneered PwC’s dünya Future of Insurance düzey efforts.

Prior to PwC, he was a managing partner with Diamond Management & Technology Consultants for 15 years and a consultant with Accenture for five years before that.

CJ Przybyl, co-founder of Snapsheet and former head of Snapsheet, is now focusing on providing a service to support Snapsheet’s emerging software, including all property / accident insurance lines, including auto, host, bodily injuries. will be chief strategy officer. employee compensation.

Yoder’s in Chicago. The company has been added as the third top-level manager to the Snapsheet for the last 18 months as it goes beyond the initial stage. Over the past year, CNA Insurance manager, Andy Cohen chief operating officer and manager of Enova Mali, Sarah Doll, has been named as chief people officer.

Or Insurance companies are deeply accepting how technology and knowledge can dramatically change how they can work and compete, Y Yoder said. ”Over the last decade, carriers have invested hundreds of millions of dollars, but they continue to find gaps in fulfilling their potential to increase customer engagement, organizational agility, and real transformational benefits.“

Yoder said Snapsheet helped the industry understand this potential for end-to-end claims.

Snapsheet’s CEO and founder, Brad Weisberg, called uygulan Yoder, “one of the etmek industry’s key thought leaders, usu who is plays an important role in implementing the technology to achieve benefits. Sn

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