Chubb Partners with DynaRisk to Offer Cyber Loss Mitigation Service in UK, Ireland


Chubb has partnered with cyber security company DynaRisk to offer a cyber loss mitigation service to Chubb’s Cyber Enterprise Risk Management policyholders in the UK and Ireland.

The DynaRisk service assesses a person’s devices and digital footprint to provide a personal cyber security score and report, which highlights vulnerabilities an individual may have and trains them on how to fix these issues. DynaRisk checks whether they have had information stolen and traded on the Dark Web. It also educates users how to protect themselves from phishing and other email scams. The platform then generates simple step by step actions for users to take to protect themselves and their company.
Chubb’s Siber Enterprise Risk Management proposal provides an end-to-end risk management solution for businesses before, during and after a cyber incident. Chubb’s damage-reduction service partners provide support and guidance before an event occurs, and event response management solution provides post-loss assistance to restore operations to normal. Both are backed by Chubb’s Siber Enterprise Risk Management insurance policy.

“Bryant is more important than ever before,” said Chubb, chief cyber-risk manager, “being online in a safer way than ever with the ever-changing cyber threat.”

“DynaRisk’s service Chubb Cyber ​​Enterprise Risk Management insures policyholders and their employees to assess personal cyber risk profiling and to train and develop personal online activities and behaviors,” said DynaRisk. “People are the greatest weakness from the corporate cyber security perspective, so more digital risk awareness among staff will help improve the practices in their work.”

Andrew Martin, the founder and CEO of DynaRisk, said: “We are very pleased to have worked with Chubb to truly understand the environment of risk of a cyber hazard. Both institutions acknowledge that transforming people’s behavior is central to protecting companies against cyber attacks. “

This offer is open to new and existing Siber Enterprise Risk Management policyholders.

Chubb said that there are five free DynaRisk licenses available for each Cyber ​​Enterprise Risk Management policy holder.

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