Chubb Announces Changes to North America Agriculture Unit Leadership


Chubb has announced leadership assignments in the North American Agriculture business, including Rain and Hail, which have commercial property / accident insurance and product insurance concessions.

After serving as Chief Vice President of Chubb Agriculture, Michael Coleman will become chairman of Chubb Agriculture and president of Rain and Hail. Scott Arnold was elected president of Chubb Agriculture, North America and President of Rain and Hail.

As president, Coleman will continue to be active in business and will focus on key industry issues, strategic planning and management oversight by Rain and Hail, as well as serving Arnold with a high-level consulting role.

As president of Chubb Agriculture Department, Arnold will assume responsibility for both Chubb’s product trade and commercial property / accident insurance company. As president, his responsibilities will lead the company’s day-to-day operations.

Coleman joined the company in 1986 and served as a number of leadership roles throughout his tenure. Before the ACE bought Chubb in January 2016, in 2012 a chief of Chubb’s Agriculture business was elected. Coleman will continue to work in Johnston, Iowa, and vice president, Accounts and Specialization Insurance, will report to John Lupica, vice president of Major Chubb Group, North America.

Arnold has 30 years of industry experience in Chubb for eight years, after buying Rain and Hail in 2010. Lastly, he served as Vice President Rain and Hail. Arnold will continue to be in Johnston, Iowa, and report to Mr. Coleman.

Chubb Agriculture, Rain and Hail, and Chubb Agribusiness. Rain and Hail are the greatest writers of very haunted product insurance. Chubb Agribusiness serves large commercial agricultural risks (producers, processors and distributors) and farms and farms.

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