China Recalls Defective Vaccines Exported to Overseas Markets


Investigators in China have begun recalling defective vaccines produced by a Chinese drugmaker from domestic and overseas markets, health authorities said.

Investigators found Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd. had blended expired fluids in its vaccines and falsified records from as early as April 2014, the National Health Commission said in a statement Tuesday [Aug. 7].
The names of overseas countries could not be given, but the withdrawal showed that China could be a scandalous spread to foreign markets, potentially causing a grave blow to China’s expanding market.

The commission did not respond immediately to a fax commentary on Wednesday.

The regulators ordered a production halt for the month we were late, but after the leaked documents, regulators found inconsistencies in 2017, but did not act urgently, the fury of the camera rose.

President Xi Jinping and other senior officials reacted quickly to condemn Changsheng and to react quickly, promising better regulation of food and drug safety, two long-standing concerns in China, which could fuel anti-government sentiment among the growing urban middle class .

While regulators have launched nationwide spot checks on vaccine producers, the central government has set up a panel of experts to monitor vaccine safety in the $ 122 billion large pharmaceutical industry in China. Changsheng was China’s second largest rabies vaccine manufacturer before the scandal.

Police in Northeast China said last week they wanted to arrest 18 Changsheng directors, including president Gao Junfang.

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